Residential Mortgages


Hundreds of satisfied homeowners know they received the best mortgage option as sourced by our team.


Purchasing a home is an investment that can help secure your family’s future financials and reinforce your credit strength. Having a strong plan for making such a large commitment and long-term investment is a necessity. PNW Mortgage Specialists pride themselves in creating strong long-term plans to ensure all clients find sustainable solutions. Here’s where you need the expertise of a trusted Mortgage Broker at Pacific Northwest Mortgage. We can help you obtain the lowest interest rate and best mortgage terms available.


Refinancing is a smart and low-interest way of consolidating your debts. By combining your existing mortgage, credit card payments, car loan, and other debts into a single low rate and payment, you’ll pay your debts off sooner. Increasing your monthly cash flow, while reducing your interest costs will allow you to build savings, pay off your home, and get out of debt fast.


Homeowners have the privilege of withdrawing up to 80% of the current appraised value of their home. Accessing equity in your home can be used for profitable purposes like buying investment products and property. This monthly return can pay off your mortgage and add to your monthly cashflow at the same time.


Almost 70% of mortgage borrowers accept the first offer their current lender presents to them at renewal. Without exploring for a better interest rate and better features, you can lose thousands of dollars. With very little effort, we can secure today’s market-best mortgage option for you well in advance of the renewal date. Connect with us and save yourself money.