Commercial Mortgages


Growing your business is an exciting opportunity. As local business people, we at The Pacific Northwest Mortgage Corp understand the importance of supporting our local economy.

So, whether you want to buy your first auto body shop, build a shopping plaza, or add a new shipping center to your growing business, we’re here to help you find the mortgage solution custom tailored to your business.

At PNW Mortgage Corp, we can shop your commercial mortgage to many major lenders that Canadian businesses have trusted for generations. What’s more, we have access to exclusive mortgage lenders, which could provide added choice and flexibility with your financing needs. Regardless of your business mortgage financing needs, we’re available to discuss your situation and research options.

For over a decade, we have established excellent relationships with the key decision makers at the 30+ Banks, Credit Union’s and Private Lenders. In most cases, we by-pass branch level employee’s and speak directly to the approving authority.  Within the last 10+ years we’ve also created solid relationships with Engineers, Developers/Builders, Architects, Arborist’s, Appraisers, Lawyers, Accountants, Geotech’s and other industry professionals that we can bring in on your deal.  Our main goal is to make the process very smooth and simple, from the beginning to the end.